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Elect Zach Boyer for

Ward 5
City Council

New Bedford


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Why Boyer?

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Community Organizer

Throughout the last decade I have organized with numerous local unions, non-profit organizations and candidates throughout the city of New Bedford.


Working with dozens of volunteers throughout New Bedford's 6 wards has given me insight into what the people of New Bedford truly want out of their elected officials. They want to be seen and listened to.


Grassroots organizing is simple and effective: meeting community members where they are and simply having a conversation about their unique life experiences within New Bedford.

Past Work 

Though out my career in Community Organizing, I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from a variety of organizations, non-profits, unions & candidates. These are not endorsements of my campaign, rather a brief history of my work to demonstrate my values as a candidate.

I began working with the Coalition for Social Justice in 2013, where I still currently sit on the Steering committee. The knowledge and experience I gained from interning with and then volunteering for CSJ led me to work with local unions after I graduated from UMass Dartmouth.


I worked with the Mass. Teachers Association on Ballot Question 2 in 2016, to combat the expansion of Charter Schools in Massachusetts. Then I organized with the Mass Nurses Association to pass Safe Patient Limits on Question 1.


About Me

I fell in love with New Bedford the moment I began attending my alma-mater UMass Dartmouth. Between the vibrant waterfront, the beauty of Buttonwood Park & the bustling Downtown, it's easy to love our city.

After living in 4 different apartments throughout New Bedford for the past 8 years, I decided it was time to commit and now I am a proud homeowner and community member right near Buttonwood.

It is my hope that we can all work together to ensure that New Bedford will always be a great place to raise a family, to start a business, to live your glory years in retirement, and to protect & highlight our valuable history.

I hope that I can work to earn your support to be elected as the Ward 5 City Councilor.

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As the weather improves and Covid-19 restrictions slowly lift, New Bedford will see its typical rise in tourism in the months to come. As city councilor, I will work closely with the Department of Public Infrastructure to fix the roads, walkways, etc. throughout the city and especially in Ward 5 where high traffic areas with wear and tear get the appropriate care year round. 

The last thing we want visitors to take away from their visit to New Bedford is a flat tire from a pothole!

Getting New Bedford 'on Track':

As New Bedford is set to finally have our Southcoast Rail completed over the next couple years, we must work together and implement smart policy decisions to protect the soul of our community.

The issue is apparent for all to see: skyrocketing rental prices. When I first moved to the city, rent for a single or double bedroom apartment was fair and affordable; with many listings at less than $1,000 a month. Yet in less than 10 years, far outpacing cost of living increases or the minimum wage, its now next to impossible to find a decent apartment without paying what amounts to be the same as a mortgage at $1,500+.

These increases will effectively drive out our valuable community members and gentrify New Bedford beyond recognition. From waitlists in senior housing, to pushing out generational families in our Cape Verdean and Portuguese communities, to pushing away young families looking to settle down; the implications of the Southcoast Rail could have dire effects on our community if we do not prepare appropriately.

Public Safety & Infrastructure:

The continued defunding of the New Bedford Fire Department puts local residents and homeowners at risk & puts an undue burden on surrounding communities to come to our rescue. In addition, we must use Covid stimulus money to modernize New Bedford’s infrastructure to fix the roads, make the city more walkable & bike friendly, and equitably distribute these funds throughout the city- not just our downtown.

We Are the Prey report:

Citizens for Juvenile Justice conducted a study on the New Bedford Police Department, using data supplied to them by NBPD. Their findings were troubling to say the least, and showed a pattern which adversely affected people of color, low income neighborhoods and children within the city. We simply cannot ignore their findings just because we don’t like what we see or disagree with them- the findings are from NBPD’s own data. We must create a Citizen Review Board with actual power, via subpoena or otherwise, to investigate and implement recommendations from CFJJ in order to address these issues.



Years Living in New Bedford


Years Organizing in New Bedford


Became a New Bedford Homeowner


Unions & Non-profits I Have Organized With


Community Work



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